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“You have to know what sparks you, and find a way to do it everyday. Hairdressing is a modality that allows for my own artistic expression while also getting others in touch with how deeply confident they can feel. It’s kinda like a superpower..”

It was a trip to San Francisco to the Sassoon Academy in 2005 that initially lit Chrissie up and that flame has never gone out. Inspired by early expressionist art then further into the work that came from Germany’s Bauhaus movement, precision and function became her main focus in all things hair. Driven by the arts, fashion and her own need for personal expression, she strives to create beautiful hair on whoever would like to sit in her chair. She loves freeing curly shapes, carving blunt lines, or releasing natural movement with the razor. Known in some circles as a blonding queen, she also prides herself as a skilled crafter of all tones and depths. These days, Chrissie still creates behind the chair modernizing classic cuts and colors but is now also the owner or Parlor. She simply hopes to foster an inclusive space where hair magic happens. 

  • HAIR CUT                 ___                $50-$100



“One of the things I love most about being a stylist is when a client leaves my chair feeling beautiful and excited about their new hairstyle. I am truly inspired by the team I work with and love watching and learning from them everyday.”

Danielle started with Parlor over 15 years ago as an apprentice and has blossomed and bloomed into one of our top stylists. Without fail, Danielle brings optimism, humor, dedication and heart to the salon everyday. While creating easy to wear styles with tousled waves and natural color seems to be her specialty, she greets every client and their hair expectations with a fresh set of eyes and a plan. Alongside her talents behind the chair, Danielle has eagerly taken on the role as Salon Manager, leading our team to greater standards and new heights!

  • HAIR CUT                 ___                $50-$85



To be an instrument in creating beauty for someone is an honor and a compliment. I still receive such pleasure and excitement to see the smile on a client’s face after I do their hair!

A stylist for over 20 years, Mark David is ever-present and passionate about the beauty industry. He finds connection to each client to be a top priority so he can ensure their desires and expectations match their experience. Throughout his career he has found himself in the throws of fashion week, crafting hair and makeup to get celebrities screen ready, as well as being the Design Team Leader for Paul Mitchell Industries. While he is up for any challenge, he especially loves all types of blonding, buzzer cuts and avantgarde styles. Mark David  greets any objective with intensity and excitement.

  • HAIR CUT                 ___                $50-$85



I feel really lucky to be alive during a time when we can utilize social media. Beautiful hair all over the internet keeps me inspired to always stay current with new techniques and styles from all over the world to try. How cool is that!?

Part of the Parlor team since 2004, Erica has found herself well known for her immaculate blonding services. Alongside her extreme talents in styling and hair cutting, she dedicates immeasurable time and attention to all the relevant blonding techniques. She is meticulous, intentional and fierce.

  • HAIR CUT                               ___                $50-$95
  • CURLY CUT  (90 min)          ___                $115



“Life is too short to do your own hair”

A long time Parlor resident, Torre prides herself in the relationships she has cultivated with her clients over the years. She is a well versed stylist who enjoys working with all hair types, all genders and all lengths. As an expert in coloring, she manages to carry out each application with scrupulous attention to detail. She is actively our inhouse color educator and lovingly shares her vast knowledge with our team. Torre is a coveted member of our crew and has a unique way of immersing you into her world behind the chair. 

  • HAIR CUT                 ___                $50-$85



“I love making people feel good about themselves. Changing up your hair color or cut can make you feel like a new person” – Hannah R.

After her education at the Aveda Institute in NYC, Hannah entered her styling career with us and has since found her voice on the floor. She loves creating natural feeling, free flowing haircuts and finds joy in meditative blonding techniques. A true perfectionist at heart, she offers her absolute best to each individual in her chair.

  • HAIR CUT                 ___                $50-$85



“The hairstyling industry is constantly evolving with different tools, techniques and products. I love continuing to grow with the industry and be the best stylist for my client.”

Hailing all the way from the Jersey shore, Maureen brings the laid back relaxed vibe with her. She has a way of making you feel right at home in her chair. She has been a stylist for 36 years! (yes you heard that right!) Her cutting style is one that is intuitive and soft but refined. She continuously blows us all away with her impeccable perm/body wave wrap methods. Maureen has an infectious upbeat attitude and is a joy to be around.

  • HAIR CUT                 ___                $50-$85



“Art…creation of life where there once was none…The Cut”

A true veteran in the field, Johnny has honed his craft through decades of experience, mastering the art of hair design. He has a knack for precise haircuts with a creative edge that grow out with ease and are equally effortless to upkeep. With a passion for pushing boundaries and a keen eye for detail, Johnny brings an unparalleled level of creativity to every client in his chair. His journey in the world of hairstyling has been a vibrant exploration, marked by a commitment to staying on top of current trends while honoring the classics. Embracing the rebellious spirit of punk culture, he blends classic and edgy elements to create looks that are both daring and refined. Whether you’re seeking a timeless, polished haircut or a bold, avant-garde style, Johnny has the vision and expertise to bring your unique vision to life.

  • HAIR CUT                 ___                $65-$95
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